Valentine’s Day… The holiday you either await excitedly or dread grumpily. There’s no in between. Although you may be single this year, there’s no need to fear! Valentine’s Day can be memorable whether you have a special date or are spending it with your closest BFFs! Here are some do’s and don’ts I came up with to help you out this holiday.

  • DO make the best of it. Whether you have a date or not, keep a positive mindset. You don’t have to celebrate love with your crush. Celebrate the love you have for your friends and family! Maybe even buy them flowers and chocolate!Chelsea Crockett - Valentine's Day
  • DON’T freak out about not having a date. You’re not the only one. Valentine’s Day is just another day!
  • DO go on a date with your BFF! Why not have a girls’ night? Go to dinner and head back to your house for a movie night and sleepover.
  • DO come up with something special and creative to get your crush. Of course the typical chocolates and roses are totally acceptable for Valentine’s Day, but coming up with your own meaningful gift is even better!
  • DON’T take it too seriously. It’s just a day to tell your friends, family, or significant other how much they mean to you. Don’t over think it!
  • DO splurge on yourself. If you want to buy yourself a big box of chocolates and eat it all in one sitting, you do it girl!

Hope you have a memorable Valentine’s Day! <3

Love – Chelsea