Hello darlings!

            One of the most annoying things about makeup is having to reapply it continuously throughout the day.  Smeared eyeliner, disappearing blush, and runny mascara are only a few of the daily problems girls struggle with!  Here are a few pointers for long-lasting makeup:Chelsea Crockett- highlighting

  • Instead of blush, try a cheek stain or gel.  Powdered blush can get rubbed off easily especially those with oily skin.  Because stains, gels, and liquids are so highly pigmented, you’ll be sure to have noticeably pink cheeks all day long!
  • Mascara has the easiest, (and most obvious), solution.  Just use waterproof!  That’s all there is to it.  Buy some here:http://tiny.cc/MaybellineMascara
  • For eyeliner, liquids and gels last the longest.  If you’re more of a pencil user, there’s still a solution!  Apply your pencil eyeliner, then put a matching shade of eye shadow on top.  This will help keep the liner right where you left it.
  • Last but not least, foundation seems to be one of the hardest powders to keep locked into place.  The best formulas to use are oil-free.  This way the foundation finds it harder to slide off your skin.

            Let me know what you use to keep your makeup on in the comment section below.