We all know the look for less, when you find an outfit from a celebrity or simply a look that’s out of your price range and find a cheaper ensemble that’s almost identical. I had an idea to do the same thing but with makeup! There are so many drugstore products that give you the same result as higher end products. Chelsea Crockett - NYX Lip CremeWho doesn’t love a good steal?  

For lip sticks, most higher end brands have the same long-wearing quality as drugstore products. For example, Maybelline has amazing lip products that give the perfect color to your lips. If you like buying makeup at Target, check out the NYX products they offer! Their soft matte lip cream is my favorite lip product, and it’s only $5.99!

Eye products are another category that you can find much cheaper products with just as good of quality. Maybelline mascara is always my go-to when it comes to my lashes. It’s inexpensive but gives off the same effect as a high-end branded mascara from Ulta or Sephora. Eyeshadow can also be a steal! Wet n’ Wild offers $0.99 individual eyeshadows in a variety of different colors. Check them out!

Apart from actual makeup, tools such as brushes, eyebrow combs, etc. can be found for super cheap at drugstores. The brand e.l.f. sells a variety of brushes for only $0.99! You can’t get much better than that.

I hope this helped you save a little bit of money next time you go makeup shopping :)!