Hello darlings!

            As we know, Selena Gomez is not only a world-famous singer and actress, but a fashion icon to girls around the globe.  Although many of her clothes and accessories cost a fortune, Chelsea Crockett - Selenayou can find look-a-like clothing with a much smaller price tag.  Keep reading to see where you can find this outfit for an acceptable price!

            For the hat, you can find a gray beanie at Target for only $10-15.  As for the scarf, you can grab one at Nordstrom or Charlotte Russe.  The black sunglasses are also a super easy find.  You can grab a pair at Urban Outfitters.  If you want a nicer pair, purchase Ray Bans.  Although they’re expensive, they’re perfect for a Christmas wish list. 

            Of course, Forever 21 has almost anything, so you can find a similar looking blue sweatshirt there.  If you have trouble finding one, substituting an oversized blue long sleeved shirt will work just fine.  As for the black pants, Target, Forever 21, and almost anywhere you look will carry themJ.  Look-a-like boots can be found at DSW or Famous Footwear. 

            And last but not least, where to find her expensive handbag.  You can find an almost identical one at Forever 21 for only $14!  Hope this helped create your stylish look!