When I think of eyeliner, I typically picture myself using it to line my upper and lower lid.  Eyeliner is the perfect way to bring out your eyes, but did you know it has tons of other uses as well?!  Check out all these tricky eyeliner hacks to make your next makeup application a breeze.Chelsea Crockett- eyeliner smokey eye

  • If you have trouble applying liquid eyeliner, especially for a winged look, start by outlining it in pencil and going over the line with liquid. Use the pencil as a source of direction.
  • If you have a light colored eye shadow that doesn’t show up well, start by priming your eye lid with white eyeliner and then putting the shadow over it.
  • For an instant eye lift, put a line of white eyeliner under and above your eyebrow and blend it in. This will highlight your brows creating an illusion that they are lifted.
  • If your pencil liner is crumbly, put it in the freezer for 10 minutes for it to regain its shape.
  • Get the perfect smoky eye by drawing a hashtag on the outer part of your eyelid and blending it in.
  • For a more flattering look, try switching to brown instead of black eyeliner. Black can often make your face look harsh and drain the color from your skin.
  • By dusting nude colored eye shadow above and below your eye, your eyeliner will set better, thus making it last longer.

It’s crazy all the things a small tube of eyeliner can do! I hope this helped!