Contouring can be such a difficult task. Sometimes magazine articles, blogs, and YouTube videos can’t even help you! Although once you perfect it, you’ll basically feel like a professional makeup artist :). If you’re one of the fortunate that do… here are a few “don’ts” you need to avoid when learning how to contour!

  • First of all, make sure you get the right products for your skin. Some people watch YouTube tutorials and automatically buy those products right off the bat… But if your skin is super sensitive and doesn’t always react well to unknown products, find some that will react well to your skin (such as Clinique or Bare Minerals). Think before you buy!Chelsea Crockett - Contouring
  • Check your bronzer/foundation to make sure you have the right shades for your skin. If you’re pale, don’t go out and buy a super dark shade of bronzer. It’s mostly common sense!
  • The number one mistake made when contouring is not blending in your bronzer. Visible makeup lines are perfect examples of what NOT to do! Make sure you use the right brush that thoroughly blends in your concealer, bronzer, and blush.
  • Lastly, you must know where and how much concealer to apply on your face. You don’t want super white under eyes and extra dark cheek bones!

Good luck! – Chels