When it comes to hair, you normally don’t think of the words “perfect” and “messy” in the same sentences. Well, a messy bun is the perfect hair for a lazy day when you’re still trying to look good!  Although it looks effortless, it actually takes a little skill to achieve the perfect messy bun.Chelsea Crockett- messy bun

Start by teasing your hair, even at the roots, to create texture. You can add moose to make your hair coarser.  Once your hair is teased and feels full, pull it in a high ponytail and start twisting it.  Once it is in a lose twist, start coiling it around your head to create a bun.  Loosely secure the bun with a ponytail holder and then tightly secure it with bobby pins.  Lastly, pull pieces of hair around your face out of the bun to make it look messier.  You can even move your fingers through your scalp and the bun to make more pieces fall out.  Remember, this bun is perfectly “un-perfect”.  Finish off with some hairspray and voilà!

Now that your perfect messy bun is complete you are ready to go! I hope this simple tutorial helps you achieve this look a little easier!

Love you all,