If you’re like me, then your morning and nightly face routine mas multiple steps.  Of course, nothing comes easy when it comes to getting your face prepared for makeup or sleep!  If you put on more than one product, it’s important to put them on in the right order.  I know it can be easy to throw everything on at once, but you’ll start to notice a different when applied properly!Chelsea Crockett- face products

Serum is best used as the base.  It’s a sort of primer for other products to come.  If you use spot treatment, put that on next and rub it in very well.  Then, you can apply all over treatment.  Continue with your normal moisturizer, letting it dry fully.  End the process by applying SPF.  This step is so important for healthy, youthful skin!

For your nightly routine, begin with serum, retinol, or any prescription products given.  After, apply targeted treatments such as rich eye cream for dark circles.  End the whole process with moisturizer and hit the hay!

It may seem like a process, but it’ll be so worth it once you start seeing results!