Getting tan is number one on most girls’ lists for the summer.  While lying by the pool, with sunscreen of course, is the most natural way, self-tanning lotion is another way to achieve the perfect glow without hitting the tanning bed!  While it may look like a simple lotion, prepping for self-tanner is key to an all-around, non-streaky, perfect tan. Chelsea Crockett- shaving

Self-tanner is a wonderful way to get an all-around body tan without harming your skin.  Before applying the lotion, it’s important to get your body ready.  Start by shaving your legs and exfoliating your entire body.  If your skin is dry, the tanner may peel off; likewise, a razor can strip off the tanning lotion as well.  Once you’re out of the shower, dry off as much as you possibly can.  Do not leave a drop of water!  In places that tend to be dry, such as your nose, knees, and elbows, apply a lightweight lotion to those areas and rub it in well.

Next, apply your tanner all over your body starting from the bottom up.  Remember, when applying it to your face…go light.  You don’t want to add too much to the focal point of your body!  Always wait for the lotion or spray to dry longer than it says in the directions.  For example, if it says to wait 10 minutes, wait 20.  A major problem with self-tanner is the ability for it to transfer to your clothes.  To avoid this from happening, lightly brush baby powder all over to secure your tan and avoid a clothing mishap.

There you have it!  Your 101 guide to a flawless tan!