Finding the perfect mascara can be tricky. Some barely coat your lashes, while other make them look clumpy.  Finding the right balance is the trick!  So how can you get perfectly plump lashes without trying multiple mascaras?  Baby powder!  Sounds crazy, I know, but in a few simple steps you’ll have longer, fuller lashes.Chelsea Crockett- baby powder eyelashes

Start by applying your normal mascara once or twice on your upper and lower lashes as a base. While the mascara is still wet, place a small amount of baby powder on a Q-Tip and coat your lashes with it from base to tip.  At this point, your lashes should look white, not black.  Lastly, apply a final coat of mascara.  The mascara will attach to the baby powder for added length and volume.

I love how easy it is make your lashes longer and fuller without the hassle of trying hundreds of mascaras! Chances are, you’ve got baby powder hiding in a drawer in your house already!