High school’s full of several nights of coming home late from a friend’s house and falling asleep as soon as you make it to your bed. Other times, long hours of homework may keep you up a little past your bedtime, causing you to fall asleep with a book under your head… and without washing your face! Either situation sound familiar? Sleeping with your makeup on is a major “don’t.” Here are a few reasons why:

  • Foundation can clog pores and produce bacterial infections. It can also be one of the main causes of acne and breakouts.Chelsea Crockett - Aging Skin Something in your skin called collagen keeps your skin firm and looking good. Skipping a wash leads to the breakdown of collagen, which makes your skin age faster.
  • Have your ever left your mascara on and woken up with unbelievable irritation in your eyes? Leaving on mascara or eyeliner can cause your eyes to hurt from little bits of the makeup falling into them. (P.S. Your mascara will slowly fall off pulling your eyelashes with it!)
  • Believe it or not, eye shadow plays a big part in clogging oil glands. If you let it build up too long it can create sties in your eyes! Ouch!
  • Leaving foundation or concealer or your skin overnight causes it to become sensitive and dry. I cannot overemphasize how bad it is for your pores!
  • Like I said before, your skin also ages faster. Not only does your skin eventually dry out, but, over time, wrinkles will start to be enhanced. No one wants that!

So next time you come in late from a football game or a long night studying at a friend’s house, take a quick 5 minutes to wash your face (or even keep some makeup wipes by the side of your bed!). Every night matters :)!