Time is of the essence, especially when I wake up late or am in a rush to get ready! There are hundreds upon thousands of beauty and makeup hacks to help you save time when you’re in a bend… or simply want to sleep in a little longer! Here are my favorites that I find most helpful!

  • If you’re an avid eyeliner wearer and you have an eyelash curler, this is the hack for you! Take your eyeliner and draw it on the sharper side of your eyelash curler. After using it, the eyeliner should go directly where you want it! It’s super easy!
  • If you’re in a rush and don’t have much time to apply concealer, foundation, bronzer, etc., apply a tinted SPF cream to your face. Not only will it protect your skin from the sun but will leave your skin looking smooth as well!
  • If you don’t have time to wash your hair, dry shampoo is always a good alternative. Just spray a little by your roots to remove that “oily hair” look.
  • I read online that soaking your mascara bottle in a cup of hot water will make it easier to apply. It apparently slides right on without any messy clumps. Just drop your mascara in a cup while you’re getting ready to allow it some time to soften.Chelsea Crockett - Ironing Hack
  • This hack is one of my favorites, and most-used! If you don’t have time to iron your shirt, dress, skirt, etc., use your straightener! Just lightly run over it wherever you need to eliminate wrinkles.

What’s your favorite time-saving beauty hack? Share with me in the comments below!