If now isn’t a better time to try out gel nails, I don’t know when is! Gel nail polish is extremely popular right now and healthier for your nails than acrylics. You can get them done at almost any nail salon or you can even do them at home yourself! Here are some tips to get salon nails at home!

Chelsea Crockett - Gel Nail Polish KitFirst off, you will have to purchase a gel nail starter kit. You can find one at Sephora, Ulta, or on Amazon (If you want to explore some, click here!). They can be pricey, so putting it on the top of your Christmas wish list isn’t a bad idea! After you have your kit, the directions will let you know the next step… But getting the salon finish isn’t hard with a little advice.

For each of your polish coats, here are a couple secrets to keep them long-lasting. First, make sure your cuticles aren’t overgrown. Second, make sure you keep the polish from touching your skin. Both of these secrets will prevent your polish from peeling off within the first few days. Another tip that may or may not be obvious is to keep your nails clipped. If your nails are brittle and overgrown, they’re more likely to break off along with your polish!

So… what’s a better thing to be listed on the top of your Christmas wish list?

Enjoy! – Chelsea