Obvious actions like drying and straightening your hair can cause damage and split ends, but did you know there are a lot of other unknown ways that you’re damaging your hair?  Surprisingly, there are multiple actions that seem harmless, but can cause permanent damage to your hair.  Being aware of these things are extremely important.  I will break down a few of the most unhealthy hair habits to give you your most healthy hair yet.Chelsea Crockett- damaged hair

  • Be gentle when you brush wet hair.  Brushing through wet hair can cause damage and split ends.  It can also pull out a lot of hair, causing a loss in volume.  Start at the bottom with a wide-toothed comb and work your way to the scalp.  This will help prevent breakage and hair loss.
  • Don’t wash your hair too much!  Shampooing your hair can too often can wash away your hair’s natural moisture.  This moisture gives your hair that healthy, shiny look!  You don’t want to wash that away!
  • Ponytails create breakage.  Wearing a ponytail is always a cute and easy hair style, but wearing one every day with a tight pony tail holder can cause breakage.  This can even cause permanent damage!

Don’t commit one of these hair crimes!


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