Three braids. That is all that makes up this fun, unique hair style. It has a sort of edgy, hippy feel to it that I really like. I also love that it brings a new way to pull off the “half up half down” hair style.  What do you think? Do you like this new take on the average braid?

Achieving this look is very simple. First, take a small section of hair at the front of your face and braid it. Do the same d18c6a9086941995dc79060811dea19bto the other side of your head. You should now have two small braids on either side of your face. Pull them to the back of your head and secure them together with a clear elastic. Next, grab a section of hair right below the braid that you have already pulled back. Braid this section, and then do the same to the other side of your hair. Add these braids to the tail of the other braids (as seen in the photo). Repeat this step to the hair just below the braids that you just made. The key to this updoo is that you have three braids on either side of your head, all in a row, pulled back and meeting at the back of your head, as you can see in the picture.

If you are wanting to change up the ‘ole “half up half down” style, then this is your chance! I love this creative take to pulling your hair out of your face. Do you like this braided style? Comment below and let me know!

XOXO, Chels