Have you ever wondered how celebrities make their skin look flawless in every picture they post?  Is it their makeup?  Or maybe some app that eliminates blemishes?  Although some people really do have naturally perfect skin, there are certain things you can do to make your selfies look insta-perfect!

  • Use a serum to enhance your glow.  Instead of highlighting your face, try using a serum to enhance the glow of your whole face, not just above your cheekbones. 
  • Get rid of acne and pimples with a dab of concealer.  Whenever I have pesky pimples that don’t want to go away, I always cover them up with a little concealer.  After it sits for a minute or so, even it out with some foundation or powder.
  • Camouflage your dark circles with concealer followed by a setting powder.  Dark circles can make you look 10x more tired than you actually are.  If you want an insta-perfect selfie, make them disappear by applying concealer to make the area a little more lively.Chelsea Crockett - Concealer
  • To add to a more natural look, try using a darker foundation to add depth to your face instead of fully contouring it.  It’s always good to have a foundation that’s two to three shades darker than your normal shade for purposes like this!

Try some of these tricks out next time you want to take a killer selfie!  They really work!

XO – Chels