Everyone loves a good top-knot bun hair-do, am I right? This style is safe for just about any occasion! I found a way to spruce up your basic every day top-knot. Introducing: The twisted top-knot! Here is how to achieve this unique look.

First, pull half of your hair up into a high pony, and then do the same with the other half, so you have two high-ponies. Take one of your pony tails and divide it into two sections. Twist each section, and then twist the two topknot6sections around each other. Secure the twist on the end with an elastic. Clip the twist off to the side so that it doesn’t come un-twisted, and then repeat the above steps to the other ponytail. Once you have the end of both twisted ponies, one in each hand, then twist them around each other until you have formed your top-knot! Once they are fully twisted, pin the twists to your head with bobby pins! This hair style can be achieved super quick, so it is perfect for mornings that you are running a bit behind, or those mornings you just don’t feel like working too hard on your tresses.

Add spunk to your ensemble with this cute ‘do!

XOXO, Chels