Did you know that you can use eyeliner to totally change the shape of your eyes? It CAN be done! Let me explain:

 If you’d like your eyes to look closer together or if your eyes are wide-set: Add liner to the inner corner of your eyelids (eye #13).

If you’d like your eyes to look wider apart or if your eyes are close-set: Leave liner off of the inner corner or your eye, and be sure to line the outer upper lid. You may also line the lower outer lid if you want (eye # 12).

For a smokey or dramatic look: Line all the way around the eye. The thicker your liner, the smokier and more dramatic the look! You may also want to ‘smudge’ the line with your finger to keep it from looking too harsh. Something to keep in mind, though, is that this technique makes your eyes look the smallest, or the least “open”, so I wouldn’t use this technique if you feel your eyes are small. (eyes # 4,10,11)

  To create the trendy “cat-eye” look: Line your eye as you normally would (upper lid, or both upper and lower), and then add a small swipe or ‘wing’ at the outer corner of the upper lid. This ‘wing’ may be as big and thick as you’d like, but generally for everyday wear, a smaller wing is fashionable and appropriate. (eyes #1,2,8)

Chelsea Crockett Eyeliner


To make your eyes look more open and bigger: Only line the top lid. If you want your eyes to look bigger, but still like wearing bottom-lid liner, try lining the outer half of the bottom lid. Another cheat or trick here would be to use a white or light-toned liner on your bottom lid. Lighter-shades have an ‘opening’ effect, while dark shades make them look smaller. (eye #9)

 To summarize all that jazz: Darker, all-over liner is most dramatic, but makes your eyes look a bit smaller. Lining the top lid gives your eyes a big, open effect, but is a less dramatic, more natural look. And to change your eye shape, add liner to the outer or inner corner, depending on where you’d like to add depth or length to your eye shape.


Use these tips to switch up your look!


XOXO, Chels