Happy summer Insiders!

                Summer is the time for vacation!  I’m sure most of you go to the beach or travel somewhere fun with your family or friends.  I’m traveling toChelsea Crockett- swimsuit Florida and California this summer, I’m so excited!  Along with traveling comes the stress of packing.  I’m going to give you a few quick tips for easy packing.

                I’m sure you all could guess that I’m not a light packer.  I basically pack my whole closet; but there are a few essentials that every suitcase must contain.  It will make choosing outfits easier.  A swimsuit is an obvious must!  A great, cheap place to find cute swimsuits is Target.  They have a huge selection, you’ll be sure to find a cute suit.  An oversized beach towel will add to the look and save you a spot in the sand.

                Chelsea Crockett- neon shortsAnother summer packing essential is neons.  Everyone is wearing bright colors this summer!  Whether it’s a pair of neon shorts or a neon blazer, pairing these items with a solid white or black tee with give your outfit an edge.  Breezy sundresses for the beach are always an essential.  They are easy to wear and super comfortable.  They also don’t take up much room in your suitcase!  You can dress it up or down with jewelry, heels, or sandals.  However you rock your dress, it will be sure to turn heads.

                My last packing essential is a cute pair of sunglasses.  The “Ray-Ban” and aviator style sunglasses are really in right now.  Forever21 is a great place to find sunglasses.  Some are even under $5!  Hope you all have a wonderful summer!

                                Happy packingSmile