Valentine’s Day is less than a month away!  It’s time to start thinking about who you want to spend your day with, what you’re going to wear, aaaaand what fabulous manicure you’re going to show off!  Besides makeup, I love doing my nails.  Sometimes, a simple French manicure is the way to go. Other times, I paint all of my nails to represent the fun of a holiday!  Whatever I am feeling, I always follow these important tips.Chelsea Crockett - Valentine's Nails

When filing your nails, always file in one direction.  Try not to file too far down the sides of your nails or make them too short. Hard files can cause damage to nails and create splits. Always protect your nails with a clear polish before applying colored polish.  After following those guidelines, create and enjoy your masterpieces!

Many chain stores sell Valentine stickers that you can use to create some show stopping nail art.  You can also use bows, hearts, glitter, pink, red, and white polishes to create your dramatic look.   A design like on the right is simple, festive, yet different. The ombré design may look hard, but one YouTube tutorial later and you’ll master it! There are hundreds of online tutorials to teach you how to do almost any design. Before painting your nails, just google image Valentine nail designs and your styles will be endless!

XOXO, Chelsea