Your twenties are some of the most jam-packed years of your life. A lot of life’s major changes happen in these years, from graduating college to starting your first big job to possibly getting married and starting a family and even moving away from home. Here are some of the values I try to live by while I try to navigate my twenties.

  1. Live life at my own pace. Not everyone finishes school in 4 years, not everyone gets a serious job right out of college, and we all take life at our own pace! I try not to compare my progress to where my friends are in life. We are all different and have different dreams and life circumstances. Life happens how it happens, and it is exactly how God planned it.
  2. Be purpose driven. Having a purpose or reason for life gives us clarity and assures us of who we are. Meandering through life without goals can leave us lost and wandering. Realizing our God-given purpose and following it gives life meaning and joy.
  3. Try to budget and save. Saving money and being smart with your budget may be the last thing on your mind in your twenties, but it should actually be one of the first things. Try to make smart money moves like not blowing your money on things that are temporary and instead making smart spending choices.
  4. Remember that I am only as good as the company I keep. Surround yourself with people who bring value to you and your life. It is so nice to have a circle of friends who are like minded and share the same values and beliefs. And, we were not made to do this thing called life all on our own. That’s why having a great group of friends in your inner circle is so important.
  5. Listen well. Learning to listen and listen well is so important as we grow up and communicate with more people and more important people. I have found that intently listening to people means so much more to them than interjecting my opinion. Actively listening is a great skill to master and will help us become successful individuals.
  6. Have a heart of gratitude. Because life is so full of changes during this time, having an attitude of gratitude is the best way to stay positive and optimistic. I have so much to be grateful for, even if it is something as basic as having food in my refrigerator. Take nothing for granted.
  7. Remember that my voice matters. It doesn’t matter if you are an influencer or a speaker by profession, you have a voice. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you have the power to speak up for what you believe in. I try and remember this when I encounter things that I feel I need to stand up for, especially when it has to do with people who may not have a voice or platform to speak for themselves.
  8. First impressions matter. I always try to remember that, when I’m meeting new people, I should put my best foot forward and also remember that you never know who is watching. Being a positive example is a full-time job.