Hi Insiders,

            So you wash your face twice a day right?  Your skin looks and feels clean, but you get the occasional acne.  Unfortunately, most teens are not washing their face the right way leaving behind tons of dirt and oil.  Follow a few of my simple tips to have your cleanest and brightest skin yet.Chelsea Crockett- makeup cloths

  • It’s easy to rush through a face wash, especially when you’re in a rush or just want to go to bed.  Although it may be hard, take your time!!  Spend a few minutes really rubbing in the cleaner to your skin.  You have a days’ worth of dirt and oil on your skin, so spend more than a few seconds!
  • While washing your face, use lukewarm water.  Too hot of water can cause dry skin.
  • Don’t overuse makeup wipes!  These wipes are meant for short time use, like quickly reapplying makeup or wiping off the sweat from the gym.  Be sure to follow up with water and soap.  Makeup wipes can’t remove everything by themselves.
  • Moisturize!  It’s so important to moisturize to avoid dry skin.  Moisturizing at night is the most important, since your skin has a lot of time to soak in all of the nutrients.
  • Be gentle!  A lot of people think the best way to clean your face is with a harsh scrub or pressure with a wash cloth.  These things can irritate the skin and cause redness.  Only use these methods a couple times a week.

Love your skin and treat it properly!