I don’t know about you, but I constantly hear about the benefits of drinking lots of water.  I was always skeptical if it had as many beauty benefits as all the supermodels and celebrities say it has.  After I did some research, I found out it really is all it’s cracked up to be!  Here are some water beauty benefits that truly are beneficial and some that are simply myths!

Chelsea Crockett - Water BenefitsYou always hear people with perfect skin say, “I started drinking a ton of water and my skin cleared up so quickly.”  Although water helps with the process of eliminating acne, it isn’t the only success factor.  When most people say this, they usually do things like cut out soda, eat healthier, etc.  So although drinking your daily amount of water helps, lifestyle changes are usually put into practice, as well.

That being said, it also has it’s skin benefits.  If you have dry skin, drinking more water will give your skin the moisture it needs.  Water is also known for flushing out toxics and bacteria in your body.  So, it will also help get rid of that nasty bacteria in your pores, too!  It not as much helps with the appearance of your skin, but with the health of it.  It’ll help pump up your skin and revitalize your pores!

So, now you know!  Everywhere you go, take a bottle of water with you. You’ll see the magic happen right before your eyes!

XOXO – Chelsea