Hello lovelies!

                Waterproof makeup is a must for summer!  You won’t want your makeup running everywhere if you’re at the pool or the beach.   I’ve found some great drugstore products that won’t go anywhere in the water.  You’ll stay looking beautiful even after a dip in the pool.  CoverGirl Natural Luxe Cream Foundation is a great base foundation that won’t come off in the water.  Your skin will look smooth and clean, while being protected from the sun.

                Maybelline has a ton of choices when it comes to waterproof makeup products.  You can find these products at any drugstore for great prices.  Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eye Shadow comes in every color imaginable and is stay proof and water proof for 24 hours.  I like to apply a white base to my eye lid before applying the eye shadow.  Choose any color you want!  I like to use an aqua blue under my eye for a pop of color.  It’s a great look for summer!  

                Chelsea Crockett- Waterproof MascaraAnother must-have for waterproof makeup is waterproof mascara.  My favorite mascara to use is Maybelline Volum’ Express Mega Plush mascara.  It takes your lashes to a whole new level by lengthening them and giving them great volume.  You’ll come out of the pool looking like you walked off the runway!

         Happy summerCool


Here are the links to the above products:http://tiny.cc/Maybelline_EyeShadow, http://tiny.cc/Maybelline_MegaMascara