If your weekdays are anything like mine (super busy), then you hardly have any free time until the weekend. I like to set aside a little time on Saturday or Sunday for a little “me” beauty time. This is a time to do all of the things I didn’t have time for during the week, like deep conditioning my hair, and is a good time to do your beauty prep for the week! Here are a few weekend beauty tasks to get done over the weekend to prepare you for the week.

  1. Exfoliate using a sugar or salt scrub: Itchy dry skin is no bueno, and during the week all I have time for is a quick lotion rub-down after I shower. Over the weekend, use a sugar or salt scrub on your whole body to remove the dead skin and moisturize it for the week ahead.
  2. Deep condition: Who has time to let deep conditioner sit in their hair for 15 minutes during the week? That 15 minutes is a valuable commodity! Instead of spending precious homework/study/work time deep conditioning on a weekday, do it on Saturday or Sunday when you have the time to spare. It will rejuvenate your hair from the week before, and prepare it for the coming week.2277910
  3. Paint your nails: The only time I have to paint my nails on a weekday is at night, and no one likes going to bed with wet nails and then waking up to find they are smudged and sad. Paint your nails over the weekend, and even use a gel polish to make them last longer (Sally Hanson has a brand that doesn’t require a black light for it to set!). Your nails will look like they are fresh from the salon on Monday morning! Plus, I always feel a bit more “put together” when my nails are painted.

We are all busy gals, so don’t feel bad when you can’t fit in all of the beauty maintenance you want during the week, none of us can! But, one thing we can do is prepare ourselves for the week ahead by spending a little “me time” over the weekend. Who doesn’t love a little “me time”?

XOXO, Chels