Hey ladies! You guys deserve the inside scoop. That is why you are called “Insiders”! Today I am going to give you an inside look at my hometown, St. Louis Missouri! I actually live a little outside of St. Louis, but I am close enough to enjoy all the city has to offer! I am going to tell you the top 3 things to do in St. Louis so you can see what I do for fun here, and what you can do if you ever visit my city!

 1. Go up in the Gateway Arch! St. Louis’s most famous landmark is the Arch! It stands 630 feet tall and is the first thing you see when you drive into the city! There is a museum underground directly under the Arch, which is really cool. You can board little elevator cars and go allllll the way up to the top of the arch where you can look out over the city! It is definitely a bird’s eye view! It is an amazing experience, and something you just HAVE to do when in STL!

2. Go to a Cardinals game! Here in The Lou (the nickname for STL) we take baseball VERY seriously! We love our Cards. We


  even got a new stadium recently! Baseball games are a highlight of the summer in my city for sure. If you want to really experience my city, then a Cards game is your best bet!

3. Go to Forest Park! Forest park has SO much to do! It is definitely not just a park. The St. Louis Zoo is located in Forest Park, and is considered one of the top zoos in the country! Also, during the winter there is fabulous ice skating in the park. The STL Art museum is also located in the park. It sits on top of a HUUUGE hill called “Art Hill” where you can picnic! The Boat House is also in Forest Park, and that is a restaurant where you can rent boats and paddle through the park! So much fun!


I hope your travels take you to St. Louis in the future, because it is a city you won’t forget!

XOXO, Chels