Now that you know what to wear on a first date, let me fill you in on what NOT to wear. 

To begin, try not to go overboard with any part of your outfit. Don’t choose any item that is too flashy or gaudy. For example, you know that neon yellow graphic tee you keep hidden in the back of your closet? Do not reach for it when going on a first date! When you are picking out jewelry, choose items that accent your outfit and personality, not that overtake your outfit or are too chunky. Wear simple pieces that mean something to you, because if he compliments you on it you can use that as a conversation starter! Genius! 

When you are applying makeup, go for the natural look and accent your features. Wearing too much makeup can send the wrong message and doesn’t show your date the real you! Wear neutral eyeliner and a plain lipgloss. Wait until the 3rd or 4th to break out that rockin red lipstick. When you are picking out your outfit, don’t choose anything too revealing or flashy. Go for natural tones and subtle patterns! Don’t wear a shirt or shorts that you will be adjusting or fixing the whole night, wear something that fits you well and makes you feel confident! Also, make sure those bra straps stay hidden! Make sure you feel good about what you are wearing, because the last thing you want to be worrying about on your date is how you look, you want to be focused on your man!

chelsea crockett

 I know you guys will look totally gorgeous on your first date. Just be yourself!

XOXO, Chels