You’ve always heard that sleeping in your makeup is a huge skin “no-no.”  I know I’m not the only one that’s too lazy to take off my makeup before bed every once in a while!  But what really happens to your skin when you let your makeup sit overnight?  Here are the real dangers of sleeping in your makeup!

Especially in the winter, it can be hard to keep your skin properly hydrated.  When you leave foundation and other face makeup on your skin overnight, it clogs your Chelsea Crockett - Dry Skinpores and causes it to dry out.  If you allow it several nights in a row, your skin might start to flake which makes it hard to apply your makeup properly.  This dryness will cause an increase in dead skin cells which results in very dull skin that can’t be fixed with a little moisturizer!  If you don’t wash your face, you’ll lose your skin’s glow and radiance!

As far as eye makeup and lipstick goes, a buildup of either of these is no good either!  Not only is leftover mascara and eyeliner bad for your lashes, but it leaves your eyes and the areas around them prone to infections.  And as far as lipstick, caking your lips multiple times a day and not washing it off at night can lead to chapped, dry lips.  This doesn’t look or feel too good!

Now that you know the truth, remember to find the motivation to take off your makeup when you’re getting ready for bed whether you’re too lazy or not!

XOXO – Chelsea