So many of my girlfriends are stressing because Valentine’s Day is Friday and they have NO IDEA what to get their boyfriends! So that got me thinking, what in the world do you get a guy for Valentine’s Day?! I did my research. It is so hard to know what to get a guy! Here are 3 ideas on what to get your dude for Valentine’s Day:

1. The first suggestion I have is for new couples that have just started dating. A really safe gift for a guy is candy. You cannot go wrong! Go to Walmart and buy a bunch of different kinds of candy, put it in a box or a gift bag,

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and wrap it up. He will love it and his taste buds will too! Candy isn’t an awkward gift and it isn’t super romantic so it is perfect for new couples!

2. Guys love hats. Especially athletic guys! Get your beau a hat with his favorite sports team’s logo on it, or get him a hat in his favorite color. He will love it and you will love seeing him wear it because YOU picked it out! Hats are a safe gift for both new couples and couples that have been dating for a while.

3. This next gift is for couples that have been dating for a little while (a few months or longer). Buy him a cool pair of headphones and make him a CD of all of his/your favorite songs. Put songs on it that remind you of him, put the song that you guys say is “your song” on it, any song that you think he will like and that will remind him of you! I am sure that he will love it!

Good luck gift hunting, ladies! Hopefully these tips took some of the pressure of Valentine’s Day shopping off of you!

XOXO, Chels