Hey Insiders!

Easter is here and I bet you are wondering “What the heck am I going to wear on Easter Sunday?!” Not to worry, I have a solution. Here are some super fab Easter outfit options!

easter_sunday_articleA sweet sundress: What is more perfect than a light, fun sundress to brighten up your Easter Sunday? Not much! I suggest wearing a light-colored sundress (white is what I tend to lean towards), paired with sweet peep-toed wedges and a pastel clutch. Floral patterns are also great!Perfecto!          

A springy skirt: Another great option to sport on Easter Sunday is a flowey skirt. Pair a pastel skirt with a cute white shirt and you are all set! You can also pair this with cute white wedges and adorable pastel accent jewelry.

Precious pastel jeans: These are my favorite! I love pastel colored jeans. If you and your family are more casual, these are your best bet! Pair them with a fab pair of flats or heels and you are ready to go! A shirt suggestion I will make is to pair the jeans with a white peplum top and a blazer. Totally adorable!

I am confident that you will look ahhhmazing in whatever you wear on Easter Sunday. But remember, no outfit is complete without a smile!