Meeting your boyfriend’s parents can be super nerve-wracking. You want them to like you and you want to make a great impression! Today I am going to tell you what to wear when you meet the parents. If you are confident in how you look then your body language will show it!

Now, to be completely honest with ya, I think you can never go wrong with a sweet, conservative look when you meet the parents. Going the classy route is a smart, safe choice. You want to show them that their son is dating a respectable young lady! Wear something that you are comfortable in and that won’t make you fidget. Wear a top with a high neckline or a cute collar! That does

Peter-Pan-collar chelsea crockett

n’t mean to break out that dusty old turtle neck you hide in the back of your closet, it just means to wear something that doesn’t display your chest (if ya know what I mean). Peter pan collars are always a great idea! They add class and taste to any outfit. If you are meeting them in a warm climate, make sure that your skirt/dress/shorts are an appropriate length. Add pieces to your outfit that reflect your personality! If you are super spunky, throw a cute leather jacket over your ensemble. If you are a vintage sort of girl, toss some retro jewelry into the mix. You want to give his parents a glimpse of who you are!

Here’s a summary of what I would wear: If it were warm outside I would wear a cute casual dress and my combat boots. Simple but totally adorable! I would dress it up with some simple accent  jewelry.

So there you have it! Just remember to be yourself when you meet the parents. You want them to like you for you! Show them your awesome personality. Let your beauty and personal style be the added bonus that gives you confidence and makes you feel good about yourself. I have faith in you! 

XOXO, Chels