Your nail polish color can actually say a lot about you! It can tell people a little about your personality and a little about who you are as a person. What colors do YOU wear on your nails the most? Read the list below and see what your polish color says about you!

Red: You like to feel powerful and in control! Also, you like to live on the wild side.Top-5-Nail-Polish-Colors-Every-Girl-Must-Have

Yellow: You love to be happy and smile! You also love making other people happy.

Green: You are business minded. Why? Because green=money! You also work well with financial matters.

Blue: You value the truth. You are also a great communicator.

Pink: You are loving and you are a great friend. You love to connect with people and you love to talk!

Black: You like to feel powerful. You are also protective of the ones you love.


Comment below and tell me what your nail polish says about YOU!

XOXO, Chels