Loving your skin is very important.  If you read my last article, “What You’re Doing Wrong to Your Skin”, you may have realized that there are a lot of harmful beauty regimes you may be using on your skin.  Your skin is so delicate, so to prevent these mishaps, check out these additional ways to save your skin from any harsh treatment!

  • Be careful when exfoliating!  Scrubs with thick jagged pieces can cause small tears on the surface of your skin.  Even using a wash cloth to exfoliate can cause damage.  Make sure to be gentle and wash in a circular motion.  If it feels like it’s working “too good”, then it’s probably doing some harm.
  • Wash your makeup brushes!  After countless makeup applications, your brushes are probably caked with makeup, and not to mention bacteria.  Bacteria from your eyes, mouth, and bathroom can build up on your brushes.  Invest in brush shampoo or a spray to keep them clean!Chelsea Crockett- makeup brushes
  • Do not rely on makeup wipes to clean your face.  Of course they are great for lazy nights or a makeup mishap, but they may leave irritants or chemicals on your skin since you are not rinsing with water.  Be sure to wash your face with soap and water!
  • Watch touching your hands to your face!  Your hands touch everything, which can create a buildup of dirt and oil.  Touching your face with unclean hands can create more oil, or worse, zits!

Paying attention to your skin is very important!  Treat it with care and it will pay you in return with a glowing complexion.