My iPhone is one of my favorite things I own.  It allows me to take goofy pictures and keep in touch with my friends, lets me communicate with my fans through the Internet, and of course, enables my mom to get a hold of me at any time during the day.Frown  I don’t know what I’d do without it!  Many of you have been curious as to what apps I use and what’s on my phone.  Here’s a breakdown of my favorite iPhone apps!Chelsea Crockett- apps

            I’m sure, like me, you all are addicted to social media.  How could I communicate with all of my amazing Insiders if it wasn’t for the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and the BeautyLicious app?  These are 5 of my favorite apps and I love to be very active on them.  I also have the ProTuber app, which is just a more advanced version of YouTube.  As you all know, I’m on YouTube A LOT. 

            If you’ve ever checked out my Instagram account, you’ll soon figure out how much I love taking pictures.  My phone is filled in editing apps!  One of my favorites is called PicPlayPost where you can add a video in with a collage of pictures to upload on your Instagram.  If you’ve got bad skin, try the app PhotoWonder to smooth out your skin for a flawless look!  Last, what iPhone would be complete without a game or two?!  My favorite game at the moment is Minion Rush!  You better check it out!

            Now you know what I’ve got going on in my iPhone.  Let me know if you like the apps I use and check me out on the Internet, links below!



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