If you’re like me, you probably have more beauty tools in your room than you can count.  I had no idea that there are certain tools that needed to be replaced after so many days or weeks.  I wanted to tell you guys which beauty tools should be swapped out to avoid bacteria buildup to get all that you can out of your tool!

  • Eyelash curlers.  Believe it or not, but eyelash curlers collect a lot of bacteria whether it be from your eyes or makeup buildup.  This can lead to eye infections!  I suggest using a cleanser and hot water to clear off the buildup.Chelsea Crockett - Beauty Tools
  • Loofahs.  With loofahs constantly being exposed to water and left soaking to dry, bacteria likes to grow in the moist environment!  Make sure you wring out all the excess water from it after your shower.  I recommend getting a new one every month or so as well!   
  • Beauty Blenders.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… clean your foundation tools!  Whether you use your blender for foundation, concealer, etc., make sure you clean it thoroughly with a cleanser and warm water every week or so.  This way your beauty blender’s quality will last much longer.
  • Tanning mitt.  If you use a self-tanner, then your mitt is probably being used all the time.  My only advice is to rinse your mitt after each use to avoid streaky application!

Are there any tools that are missing from the list?  Let me know which tools you swap out in the comments below!

XO – Chelsea