Growing up, every girl wanted to be a Disney princess. We long to wear long, flowy dresses and be

whisked away by an oh-so-handsome prince. Have you ever wondered which Disney prince would suit

you best? Well today you can find out!!

I saw this quiz and knew I had to take it. It says “Which Disney Prince is Your True Love?” How could

I NOT click on that?! So I took the short little quiz. It asks things like “what would your royal colors

be?” and “which home would you live happily ever after in?”. Super easy questions! Well, I went

through the whole quiz and my prince charming was… drum roll please… Prince Eric from The Little

Mermaid! Hooray! He is soooo dreamy, I have to admit. Here is why they say Prince Eric is the hunk

for me: “He is romantic, brave, and chivalrous. But best of all, he is not afraid of anyone who isprince-eric-1

confident and strong-spirited.” Can’t argue with that!

So, if you are ever bored, or even just curious, check out THIS WEBSITE to see who your prince

charming would be!

So, who is YOUR happily ever after? Comment below!

XOXO, Chels