Have you ever had a bad haircut, maybe it was cut too short, or have you always wanted long, thick hair?!  Recently, one of my workers had a terrible haircut experience that resulted in her getting extensions.  What was meant to be a trim, turned into a good 5 inches being taken off.  She was mortified!  Lexi started exploring her options and decided to get extensions.  Curious, I started asking her all about them.  Here’s what she told me:

There are a wide variety of extensions to choose from and must be chosen carefully for each individual person.  While some are temporary, others can last months, and some can even damage your hair.  Depending on your hair type, picking out the correct extensions are crucial for a natural look.

  • Clip in extensions are great for temporary wear. They can be taken in and out and leave no damage to your hair.  You can wash and style these like real hair, but compared to other options, look the “fakest”.  You have to be careful where you place them!
  • Glue-in and pre-bonded extensions are small strands of hair fused with a heating machine to other strands of hair. While these look extremely natural, they require a lot of upkeep.  Avoid using conditioner or heat around the bonds.  This can loosen each bond making them fall out sooner or even break off your hair. 
  • Sewn-in extensions are ideal for people with coarse, curly, or thick hair. They are applied by sewing the extension into a tight braid under your hair line.  This requires frequent trips to the salon to keep the braid tight and make sure the end is still tied.  If you have thin hair, I would avoid this option.
  • Tape extensions are my ultimate favorite. While they are quite pricier, they look the most natural and have the least upkeep.  They are applied with two strands of clear tape to different sections of hair.  If you are gentle with them and don’t use a brush around them, they can last months!Chelsea Crockett- tape extensions

Once you’ve chosen your extensions, have a stylist shape them to blend in with your natural hair.  Hope you love them!