With Homecoming dances right around the corner, I bet you’ll be shopping for a fun dress.  Whether it’s high-low, glitter peplum, or color block sequin, Windsor has what you are looking for.   They offer nice dresses that won’t break the bank!  So if you are a girl on a budget, go to Windsor and start shopping now.Chelsea Crockett - Windsor Dresses

Once you’ve chosen your dress, remember to top it off with some jewelry. Windsor also offers earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that will add bling to any look!  Remember not to overdo it with bling if your dress already has sequins and/or glitter.  Tasteful earrings and a bracelet will be plenty.

Last, but not least, your new outfit will require some amazing shoes.  Comfort is always important when choosing your shoes.  However, sometimes us girls have to suffer a little in sparkling heels to put the cherry on top (or bottom! Haha) of our dazzling homecoming look.  Once again, Windsor has it all!  They offer T-strap, ankle cuff, whisky open toed pumps, and lace crochet booties.  So, what are you waiting for?  Grab a friend and go shopping or get online as soon as possible!  Happy homecoming!

Love, Chels