One of the most annoying things I notice every time winter rolls around is how staticky my hair tends to get!  Every morning when I put on a jacket my hair starts to stand up, so annoying!  I’ve recently discovered some ways to help reduce the amount of static in my hair.  Read below to see how you can put these tips into use!

  1. Use dryer sheets.  Sounds crazy I know, but trust me it works!  Run a sheet through your comb, brush, or even through your hair. 
  2. Use metal or rubber combs.  Plastic combs are one of the worst contributors to static, so it makes sense to avoid them!
  3. Try using frizz control hair products such as sprays and serums. Chelsea Crockett - Control Freak Serum These will help reduce the frizz in your hair (obviously), but will decrease the amount of static in your hair, as well.  One product I highly suggest is the Control Freak Serum by Bed Head by TIGI.  To check it out, click here!
  4. Wash your hair with a hydrating shampoo.  Our hair tends to dry-out during the winter months due to the coldness, and dryness of the weather.  You have to keep your hair extra hydrated for a closer step to static-free hair!
  5. Spray your brush/comb lightly with hairspray before running it through your hair.  Then just brush from roots to ends!  It’s that simply!

 With these tips you can say good-bye to frizz and hello to static-free hair!

                                                       Love, Chels