Air drying your hair is one way to keep it healthy. Blow drying it constantly dries it out and makes it brittle, plus the heat damages it! Air drying my hair can sometimes be a hassle, though, because it dries funny. Here are a few ways to air dry your and style it at the same time.

  1. No-frizz waves: Work some mousse into your damp hair, and then pull your hair into a big loose braid. Twist and clip the no heat wavesbraid a few inches above the crown to give your hair some lift. Take the braid out once your hair is dry. This will keep your hair from frizzing up, and it will give you even waves!
  2. Gentle waves: If you want waves framing your face, tuck your hair behind your ears as it dries and clip a metal hair pin above each ear. This will exaggerate the bend and create a face-framing wave!
  3. Textured wave: Mist damp hair with sea salt spray, then pull your hair loosely into 4 braids while it is still damp! Take the braids out when your hair is dry.
  4. Polished waves: Braid your hair into 2 loose braids before bed, clip them into twists, and then take them out when you wake up! You will have gorgeous, smooth waves.

I love that I have found ways to style my hair as it dries, it saves me so much time drying it and then styling it afterwards! I can do other things while my hair dries, and when it dries it will be wavy and styled, plus I am not damaging it with a curling iron or blow dryer!

XOXO, Chels