It is always a sad day when my mascara finally runs out. I feel like I am wasting a perfectly good tube! That is why I was so happy to find these three uses for old mascara wands! What a shame to put a perfectly good mascara brush to waste. Here are they are!

  1. Eyebrow brush: Some mornings I wake up and my eyebrows have decided to go all “Albert Einstein” on me and tumblr_m047vxQ4621qhfby5spaz out. So, that is where my old mascara wand comes in handy. After the wand is completely cleaned of all old mascara, I use the wand to brush and style my brows.
  2. Separating lashes: Some days my lashes are total bffs; they stick together. And some days, that is NOT what I want. I want my lashes to look full, so I take my old mascara wand and comb out my eyelashes.
  3. Tame flyaway hairs: Do you ever have those times where your hair just wants to stand up straight on top of your head and do its own thing? Well your old clean mascara wand is here to be your crazy-hair tamer! Spray a bit of hairspray onto the wand and comb it over the unruly hairs.

Ask not what you can do for your old mascara wand, but what IT can do for YOU!

XOXO, Chels