If you have been with me for a while, then you know I used to have loooooong hair. My sister Kylie has beautiful long locks right now and I catch myself wishing I had mine back! Although I sometimes reminisce about the times when I had long locks, I really dig my shorter ‘do.  Sometimes having long hair was such a hassle, and was very hard to maintain. Cutting your hair short means a fresh start and a totally new look, and one look that is really in right now is the long bob haircut, but before you go cutting off your tresses and taking the short hair plunge there are a few things you need to consider!

Styling tools switch: The tools you use to style your long hair may not be ideal with your short hair. Big barreled curling irons usually get the boot and smaller thinner irons and straighteners will take their place. The smaller tools allow you to have better control of your shorter ‘do.FullSizeRender (4)

Style time: Shorter hair takes less time to style, which is a total bonus! You won’t have to wake up as early in the morning to style it and it takes less time to dry than longer hair does.

Hair heaviness: Shorter hair has less weight to it than longer hair. This means that if you have natural curls or waves, they will be tighter with short hair. I think that this is a plus because when you get out of the shower all you have to do is work a little product into your hair and you can let your hair go natural!

Saves money: Shorter hair= less shampoo and hair products!

It is drastic: Lots of girls have an emotional attachment to their hair (myself included) so the thought of chopping off your hair can be frightening. But, just remember, it WILL grow back! Buuuuuut..it will not grow back overnight. It takes minutes to cut your hair, but months to grow it all back. It is quite a commitment!

So, before you decide to board the “short hair train” give it a bit of thought!

XOXO, Chels