Facial hair: everyone has it. Even us girls! We have finer, lighter hair on our faces than the dudes do, but we still have hairy faces none the less. Sometimes the hair on my upper lip makes me self-conscious. It’s totally not noticeable to anyone but myself, but it still bugs me. I started doing a little research on facial hair removal, and I discovered that a lot of women shave their face! High class celebs like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe swore by it.

Why? Because it is actually really great for your skin! By using a razor to remove the hair, you are also exfoliating your skin, which is a great for anti-aging. This makes your makeup go on smoother and gives your skin a glow! Here are a few common questions most women have about shaving their face:

  1. Does it hurt: Nope! You can get razors that are made for shaving women’s faces.
  2. Does it grow back thicker and darker: Nope!
  3. How often should I shave: Once or twice a week, if you make it part of your skincare regimen it will become a habit!
  4. What is the technique: First, get yourself a face razor at Walgreens. Next, pull your skin taut and shave downward on the skin in short strokes. Moisturize your face afterwards to keep it from getting too dry.

This next part is important: Only shave if you WANT to! This is totally a preference thing. If you don’t care about the invisible hair on your face, then leave it alone! Everyone’s beauty preferences are different. 😊

XOXO, Chels