My Beautyblender is my best friend. It is a makeup sponge like no other! It helps my foundation go on smooth, airbrushed look that I totally love. There are other brands of makeup sponges just like the Beautyblender, too! Here is how to use your preferred makeup blending sponge to its fullest.

  1. Use the sponge damp: dampening the sponge before you use it to get that streak free, dewy finish we all dream of.
  2. Clean it often: Clean the sponge with cleanser every day to make sure it stays bacteria and mold free.blender 1
  3. Keep it out: Don’t store your sponge in a baggie or in a place with no air flow. It rarely happens, but it could get moldy! Storing it in a baggie will also cause bacteria to start growing.
  4. Replace after 3 months: After using your blender for more than 3 months it can start to rip or tear, and it can start to get yucky. Once the 3 months are up, you can use repurpose the blender into a stain remover, a sponge for nail art designs, or anything else creative you can think of!

Take these tips and use them when caring for your makeup blender so you can get the most benefits out of it!

XOXO, Chels