Never underestimate the power of blush. It can give you a sweet bashful look, or a “touched by

the sun” look, or just a cheery look! Blush gives me a little bounce in my step. A little blush goes

a long way, so it is important to find the right shade for your skin tone! You don’t want to use the

wrong shade or too much product so that you dangle closely in the “clown” zone! Here is a guide

to help you find the right look for you!

1. Fair skin: Fair skinned lassies should not get carried away with their blush! A soft pink,blush

light coral, or soft pink will be the perfect enhancer for your porcelain skin. The key is

light application.

2. Medium Skin Tone: You ladies are similar to your fair skinned friends! Pinks and

peaches are your bff’s. They will give you the dramatic edge you want! Just a quick tip,

stay away from shades that have a blue-ish undertone. It can make your cheeks look

almost slightly bruised!

3. Dark Skin Tone: For you beauties deep shades of red, orange, and brown are best. These

colors will leave you looking radiant!

Blush can give you a bounce in your step and a brighter smile. Why? Because it makes you

look like a million bucks!

XOXO, Chels