So you are at the lipstick section at the store, and you are surrounded by 23847 different shades of lipstick (okay, maybe not THAT many), and you are thinking “how in the world so I know which one looks best on me?!”. The best way to determine which lipstick will look best for you is by seeing which one complements your skin tone.

 For my pale skinned ladies:

Nude shades are the best for people with pale skin. Think peachy lipsticks and nude colored glosses. If you are looking for a bold, glamorous look, try red lipstick!

Chelsea crockett Mac-Nude-Lipstick

 If you have dark skin:

You girls are lucky! Anything goes with darker complexions. Try orange or coral shades for a fun pop of color. Also, don’t forget to load up on the gloss to show off your full lips. Avoid milky or chalky colors with a lot of white in them because they will contrast with your skin tone too much.

 If you have olive-toned skin:

If you have olive-toned skin, such as Italian or Hispanic heritage, then the options are pretty open for you lovely ladies! For a super fab look, try coral lipstick! It is super hot right now. Some shades you should steer clear of are purple, which will accentuate the yellow undertones in your skin and give you a sallow look, and two, brown, which can look too monochromatic.Chelsea crockett coral lipstick

Now slather on some lipstick and knock ’em dead!

XOXO, Chels