Ladies. Let’s be real. Bra shopping can be a struggle. Either they are too big, too tight, too padded, not padded enough, you know what I mean. Wearing an uncomfortable bra is like being strapped into a torture device all day. Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic, but that pinching and squishing and all around awkwardness can drive a girl crazy. So, what is the secret to actually finding a bra that fits and fits comfortably? Read on, fellow bra searchers.

  1. Pick support over comfort: What I mean is, when shopping for bras, pick the one that supports you and keeps you snug, not the one that feels the coziest. You should pick a bra based on how snugly it fits around your back and how fitted the band is, because that is where the support comes from. When a bra actually supports you well, it will be comfortable, so it is a win win.
  2. Switch out your bras every 9 months: At least! It may sound like overkill, but if you keep them longer, they lose their elasticity, which basically means they lose their
  3. Find the best cup shape for your body type: Just like there are styles of clothes that accentuate certain body types, the same goes for bras! Demi bras work well for girls with smaller busts, and full coverage bras work best for fuller busted figures. But, ultimately, the choice is yours, everybody is different!
  4. Know what the hook is for: You know those 3 hooks in the back? You should always try on the bra with the loosest hook fastened. The hooks are for when the bra gets stretched out with use. As the bra ages and stretches, you move the hooks tighter. So, like I said earlier, try the bra on with the loosest hook fastened to test how it fits.

Your bra can make or break your day, I’m sure you would agree! It can boost your confidence and keep you feeling like the kick butt woman you are. Remember the tips above when bra shopping to guide you to the best fitting bra you’ve ever had!

XOXO, Chels