Brow maintenance is a mystery to me. How am I supposed to know what product works best for my brows? Is it brow pencils? Powder? Gel? Pens? It can be overwhelming! There are so many ways to keep your brows on fleek. Here is a mini guide to the basic ways to fill your brows!

  1. Brow powder: If you want a more subtle, softer look opt for brow powder or a matte eye shadow that is a little lighter than your brows. Use an angled brow brush to outline and fill your brows with the powder using gentle strokes.
  2. Brow pencil: This is the simplest way to shape and fill your brows. They come in many shades so you can find the perfect color to match your brows! If you use short, light strokes to fill your brows it will look perfectly natural.41TwhLB9HbL._SY300_
  3. Brow marker: This is the least popular method of shaping brows, but it still deserves a mention! Brow markers have the benefit of persistence- they stay on for hours and won’t smudge easily!
  4. Brow gel: If you have crazy unruly brows, use brow gel to tame and fill them. You can even use Vaseline to shape your brows if you already have dark thick ones.

Combine one or two of these methods to create the perfect brow routine for you! Get those eyebrows on fleek, girl!

XOXO, Chels