Odds are, you are a busy girl. You don’t have time to spend hours trying to get your skin squeaky clean. You barely have time to grab your face wash and scrub it on in the morning! Here are a few ways to maintain clear skin while running short on time.images (11)

  1. Eat skin-healthy foods: Eating the right foods is at the root of healthy skin. Processed foods are no good for your skin, plus they will bloat you! Eat lots of healthy foods to help hydrate your skin and keep it protected.
  2. Sleep: Being sleep deprived can cause your skin to become dehydrated. It can also cause premature aging! Want bright, healthy skin? Get those ZZZZ’s!
  3. Simplify your routine: If you don’t have time to cleanse, exfoliate, scrub, and moisturize every morning, that is totally okay! None of us do! If you don’t have time to do a million and one things to your face every day, then don’t sweat it! You can do these things when you have time. No worries!

If you are a busy bee, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect your skin care!

XOXO, Chels