Curling irons can take a lot of practice and training to be able to control. In order to get the most of your out of your curling iron and get the best curls possible there are a few tricks you need to have up your sleeve at all times.

  1. Know the difference in barrels: AKA know what size barrel works best for you. If your hair curls better with a smaller barreled iron, stick with it. If your hair works better with the bigger barrel because you prefer looser, wavier curls, then work it. Practice makes perfect!images (2)
  2. Short hair hacks: If you have short hair, use a small-barreled iron pointed downward. Also, make your curls tighter on the underside of your hair because this will help your ‘do to have more volume.
  3. Quick curls: Pull your hair into a high pony and curl your it while it is up for quick easy waves. Once you are done curling and have let your hair cool, take the ponytail down and lightly spray with hair spray.
  4. Clamp it up: Face the clamp of your curling iron forward to spin the hair through it more easily, and clamp around the middle of your hair. Clamping hair from the bottom of the strand makes it harder and more awkward to curl around the iron.
  5. Root to tip: The closer to the root you start the curl, the longer the curl will last.
  6. Wand tricks: When you are using a wand with different sized ends, turn it upside down. This allows you to start curling your roots on the larger end of the wand. Also, hold the wand behind your head to avoid burning your face or ears!

Next time you are curling your locks, keep these tips in mind!

XOXO, Chels